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Bank Loan Syndication

Capital in the form of debt or equity in one of the fundamental requirements for starting, managing and growing a business. In India, it is easy for most businesses to syndicate capital in the form of debt from Banks as banks have a strong mechanism for evaluating and disbursing funds. Further, banks contribute more capital to businesses in India more than Private Equity Funds or Angel Investors or Venture Capitalist, therefore it is important for all Entrepreneurs to know about the banking facilities available and avail them properly.

Our Financial Advisor has a strong track record of bank loan help(syndication) in India and has help businesses in a range of industries from Apparel Manufacturing to Power Generation obtain bank loan. We can help your business obtain Term Loans, Working Capital Facilities, Corporate Loans, Letter of Credits, Bank Guarantees, Loan against Property, Loan against Shares, etc., Our Financial Professionals will start by understanding your business, provide advisory relating to capital syndication, prepare the necessary detailed project report, submit request for credit to financial institutions, follow & reply to queries and work till sanction and disbursement of the requested credit facilities. Our Financial Advisor’s Professionals provides you bank loan help(syndication) for your business, call us today.

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Bank loan help(syndication) for a quantum of upto Rs. 50 lakhs.

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Bank loan help(syndication) for a quantum of upto Rs. 100 lakhs..

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Bank loan help(syndication) for a quantum of upto Rs. 250 lakhs.

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